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You analyze our data better than we understand it.

A testimonial from Chyngys Barinov, co-founder of Worksection about working with

Chyngys Barinov, co-founder of Worksection.

Here’s our story. We learned to cook a delicious soup — it is our product Worksection. We cooked it well but didn’t tell anyone about it. Therefore, only those who tried our soup and told their neighbors about it came to us. We weren’t advertising our dish, and at first, people learned about us only by word of mouth.

At some point, when our competence had grown a little more — we didn’t have any at the beginning — we realized that we needed to start with PPC advertising.

About the company

Online project management system
  • Founding year2008
  • NicheB2B SaaS
  • Number of clients1300+

We thought: who should we turn to? And then I thought: ‘We have a lot of digital clients. Let’s just turn to our customers who know our product very well, and they are also our ambassadors.’

And I thought about Roman right away. Yes, there were many other agencies to consider, but knowing Roman’s scrupulous approach to trivia, we decided to turn to them.

Knowing their scrupulous approach to trivia, we decided to turn to them.


Well, we had to establish a predictable flow of leads that would fit our unit economics. Roughly speaking, we needed to be able to turn the valve and get the number of leads we needed.


On a 10-point scale, I would say we scored 5-6 points because we are still searching and getting into our mathematical model. We have finally built clear analytics before money because, in SaaS, it is a little more difficult. We have a pending check, and, roughly speaking, we can calculate ROI from customers. After, say, three months, we can understand whether this client will remain or they will fall off. This is more complicated than leads in an online store that buys immediately.

We have finally built clear analytics before money

I really liked how Roman’s team works because, well, they make a very detailed checklist in Google Docs of what needs to be done. And more importantly, checklists can be gigantic, but I’m very impressed that they emphasize important points in red and the rest in other colors. And since we are lazy asses, we only do red and ignore everything else. Well, in general, everything is as detailed and clear as possible. It is laid out so clearly to me, and, probably, my grandmother would get it if she read this instruction.

We had a dream that we would give this problem of catching up leads to someone, specifically to Roman’s agency, and not deal with it at all. And in general, it turned out to be an illusion. It didn’t work because we slowed down in many ways, because we also had a million different technical problems. The guys ping us all the time, and it often rests on us because we do not do some technical thing.

In general, I am pleased with how Roman’s team is progressing on the project, and I generally understand that in many ways we could do it faster if we were just doing some things on our part. I really like that we are staying connected. I like my project manager. Hi, Olga. And well, I’m happy overall.


For us, the main value is that you analyze our data better than we understand it, your level of competence is higher, and this is what we were looking for. We were looking for a contractor who would tell us what we needed to do with our numbers. Well, if you do for us what I imagine in my wet dreams, we are ready to pay you several times more if we reach the numbers and a predictable stream of leads that we can turn on and off.

For us, the main value is that you analyze our data better than we understand it

Want to configure PPC advertising?

We know how to organize a predictable leads flow.


In general, I think that it’s definitely worth it with our model. And I think that you have a margin to increase the price five times more.


Well, I didn’t have much trouble with you. I really like that the guys are very competent and easy to contact. The only thing is that we stumbled with email marketing, but now it seems to be moving on.


I would recommend you to someone who already has a clear mathematical model. They understand how much money a client brings them in order to build and find those clients who will cost them as much as to get into their mathematical model.

Chyngys Barinov,
Сo-founder of Worksection

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