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In only 2 hours I got as much information, as other coaches give in 2 months.

A testimonial from Sergiy Sakhnyuk, Founder of mail forwarding company from USA and Europe USAinUA, about working with Roman.ua.

About the company

Mail forwarding company from USA and Europe
  • Founding year2013
  • Number of customers250 000
  • NicheB2C

I have asked Roman for personal consultations several times. We got deep into my project and analyzed it from different perspectives.

What I like about Roman is that he is a highly-qualified specialist and is proficient in many types of marketing. This makes it possible for him to analyze the project as a whole, as well as in detail.

He follows new trends and instruments on the foreign markets, tests them and helps his clients to implement them. But what struck me the most, is his ability to deliver information. Our last meeting lasted 2 hours and I got a lot of tips, useful tools and suggestions on improvement. It was clear, up to the point and concise.

The amount of information I got could have been enough for a two-month info-training. But this way, I would have spent much more time passing it, but not implementing the knowledge. That’s why I strongly recommend a consultation format.

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Besides, Roman has got a lot of useful contacts, which he shares if necessary. So, all in all, it took us two hours to solve a problem of email newsletters.

Sergiy Sakhnyuk,
Founder of mail forwarding company from USA and Europe USAinUA

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