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Thanks to Roman I got to like web-analytics.

A testimonial from Dostan Mishelov, Digital marketing specialist of the marketing agency The Client Factory about web analytics courses.

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In 2015 I passed the Reloading web-analytics course. To be honest, I haven’t finished it yet. But the knowledge I obtained was enough to get positive results and to write this review.

Before I started the course, I had been actively working in digital marketing for about half a year. I had created landing pages, and I had driven the traffic for clients’ projects. I had enough of the offline experience in promotion, so I got to grips with digital marketing quite quickly. I had done a complex project for the developer. We had achieved good results in sales. And during the winter break, I wanted to analyze what could have been improved.

That’s how I realized that I needed to address the issue of web-analytics. I recollected about Roman, as I had already been subscribed to his newsletter, but I never got around to passing from reading letters to implementing them on practice. I started reading and watching some random materials on the internet. In the end, I decided that I needed a course on systemic knowledge on web-analytics and the possibility to get feedback on the projects.

I recommend starting the course having an actual project, which has at least one type of paid traffic. By the time my classes started, I had had three such projects. To do your home task and to study effectively, you have to receive handouts. Organizers will send them to your postal address.

From the start, Roman tells how such counters as cookies are organized. It helps to understand why Google Analytics can give wrong data in some cases. Next, there was a lot of useful information based on Roman’s hands-on experience. All of these came in handy while I was working on my clients’ projects. Home tasks and tests are very useful; they make you think and get deeper into the material which was covered. I liked not only the level of expertise but the organization of the learning process.

If you don’t possess any knowledge in web-analytics and you have a choice to study using free videos or attend the paid course, I recommend the latter.

I don’t want to retell the contents of the course. I will just say that it will be useful for those who start learning web-analytics and intends to improve their web-site and get promotion optimization.

Some downsides:

  • I was passing the course using videos. I usually prefer listening at higher playback speed. But the platform didn’t support such an option. So I had to download the video first, and then listen at my computer.
  • Starting with the second home task it was not that understandable without the handouts. That’s why it’s important to have them as early as possible to avoid pauses in education.

As you can see, all these are minor issues. Other than that, only positive impressions.

And now about some results

Thanks to Roman I got to like web-analytics and started actively learning additional materials, which I was referred to at the course.

I went to the Google partner’s seminar and passed an exam on Google Analytics from the first attempt and got quite a high mark, as for the newbie (87% correct answers). I couldn’t contain my happiness.

Do you need customized web analytics?

We know how to increase leads flow.

After that, I started implementing web-analytics in all my projects. From the start, I used counters and set them up correctly. I marked all the traffic using UTM parameters, as Roman had told. As a result, I got a lot of insights, hypotheses, and improvements. For example, in one of the projects, I found out that internet traffic generates 70 % of leads while offline advertising only 30%, even though the advertising budget for offline channels is higher. As a result, we optimized the advertising budget having kept our efficiency.

Clients appreciate it when my recommendations are based not on my subjective opinion, but on accurate web analytics data. In addition to that, I get offers from online stores. And thanks to the knowledge obtained from Roman, I can be useful for this group of clients.

Now I’m moving on and start implementing the projects with cross-cutting web-analytics. Clients not only want to know and improve the quantity, the price of leads and their sources of conversion but also they are interested in seeing the connection between the internet promotion and the sales and profit.

I recommend the course Web analytics. Reloading to everyone working with the websites and pay for their promotion, both to entrepreneurs and internet marketing specialists.

Dostan Mishelov,
Digital marketing specialist of the marketing agency The Client Factory

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