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Roman tries to improve the business as a whole.

A testimonial from Illya Babak, Data Analyst at Skylum (ex. Macphun) about working with Roman.ua.

About the company

Developing photo editing apps
  • Founding year2008
  • NicheSaaS
  • GeographyThe whole world

At one point our company growth slowed down and we needed a fresh professional view to restore the pace. Roman found our weaknesses and helped to deal with them, managing this process personally or supporting others. Besides, he quickly became part of the team and shared his knowledge.

I’d like to point out that Roman tries to improve the business as a whole. Not only does he evaluate all sources of marketing, develops recommendations and implements them, but he also drills into the business processes of the company and of the products, that are produced and distributed by this company.

I was really happy to have worked with Roman and learned a lot from him. He initiated and implemented some important changes. Some of those changes have already helped our company and the others will soon have their impact.

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I would recommend Roman as a high-class result-oriented specialist. I hope we will have the chance to work in one team.

Illya Babak,
Data Analyst at Skylum (ex. Macphun)

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