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Roman pointed at some mistakes in the specialists’ work, which saved us $1,000.

A testimonial from Kiprik Sergei, Director of development at SeoMarket about PPC advertising training.

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Roman conducted great training on PPC advertising for the specialists of the company SeoMarket. During the training, he pointed at the mistakes in managing the accounts, which in some cases saved the company’s clients about $1,000.

We thoroughly looked into the automation process of the work in Google Ads and Yandex.Direct. After that, apart from the standard functions of Google Ads API, employees started using pivot tables in Excel.

During the training, Roman shared a lot of different instruments, which can be used in work for a long time (for example, we looked into different options of phone tracking, etc.) The training lasted for two days in a very informal atmosphere, following a detailed plan.

I recommend him as a great trainer in digital marketing. If you think that you know everything, just enroll in his training, and you will see that it’s not like that.

Kiprik Sergei
Director of development at SeoMarket.

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