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In difficult situations I always turn to Roman Rybalchenko.

A testimonial from Yulia Hansvyarova, Head of Digital Marketing Team at SemRush, about working with

I am the Director of Digital Marketing in a leading online visibility management SaaS platform that has been used by 10,000,000 digital marketers worldwide.

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SaaS platform for online business promotion
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I was introduced to Roman by my colleagues. They knew about his expertise from public speeches and word of mouth. I was surprised by Roman’s deep understanding of tech details. And taking into account the nature of our project, this was a key advantage that made his company really unique to me.


Nowadays, there is more and more content on web-analytics, and it’s not always justified to hire a consultant who possesses the so-called ‘sacred knowledge’. But it is only partially true. We had sophisticated web analytics tasks and issues with Google Analytics. There were different options and contractors on the market, but I needed a consultancy to choose the right way of solving the issues with Google Analytics Enhanced Ecommerce and sampling issues for our high-load SaaS.


Whereas it’s hard to estimate direct profit from implementing data warehouse projects and building a metrics framework, I’m sure to say working with Roman saved us tons of analysts and data engineers’ time and also brought the decision-making process in our company to a new level.

Roman was helping us with the transition to Enhanced Ecommerce in Google Analytics and make this metrics suitable for our non-ecommerce business model. He told us about different ways of overcoming Google Analytics sampling – and that was cost-effective solution.

In addition, he dispelled my illusions about how the calculated metrics are formed in GA.

We had need-based meetings, and every time I had a question, I was sure it would be answered within 2-3 business days via calls and online meetings with Roman.

The main thing is not the information itself but the way it is configured and gradually presented!

Do you want to set up web analytics?

We know how to set up powerful analytics for different businesses.


Out of several ways of solving a problem, Roman will always suggest the most efficient one. I was surprised by Roman’s deep understanding of tech details. And taking into account the nature of our project, this was a key advantage that made this company really unique to me. Sometimes small details of data gathering and storage in GA can play a critical role, especially with large-scale non-ecommerce projects where built-in metrics are not 100% suitable for implementing.

Yulia Hansvyarova,
Head of Digital Marketing Team at SemRush

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