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In difficult situations I always turn to Roman Rybalchenko.

A testimonial from Yulia Hansvyarova, Head of Digital Marketing Team at SemRush, about working with

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Nowadays, there is more and more content on web-analytics, and it’s not always justified to hire a consultant who possesses the so-called ‘sacred knowledge’. But it is only partially true.

In difficult situations, I turn to Roman Rybalchenko.

Out of several ways of solving a problem, Roman will always suggest the most efficient one. He was helping us with the transition to Enhanced Ecommerce. He told us about different ways of overcoming Google analytics sampling. In addition, he dispelled my illusions about how the calculated metrics are formed in GA.

Do you want to set up web analytics?

We know how to set up powerful analytics for different businesses.

The main thing is not the information itself but the way it is configured and gradually presented!

Yulia Hansvyarova,
Head of Digital Marketing Team at SemRush


Google Analytics Individual Qualified
since 2009

Meta Business Partner.
Only ~16 in Ukraine

  • Certificates: Bing Ads Accredited Professional 2015
  • HubSpot Email Marketing Certified 2020
  • HubSpot Inbound Certified Professional 2009
  • Outbound Sales Mastery 2021
  • Certified Google Ads Consultant 2011


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