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Consultation paid off in 3 weeks!

A testimonial from Elena Krasulenko, Digital marketing specialist at Redpoint about working with

About the company

Online travel goods store
  • Founding year2014
  • NicheB2C
  • GeographyUkraine

Having implemented some changes after the audit, we managed to optimize:
а) Our budget (with the same budget we could get 8% more clicks in the first month, and 12% more clicks in the second month).
б) Reduce CPC (in particular by correcting placements, keywords, and ad goals). In general, CTR raised by 6-12%.

Important: we managed to promptly correct all the missed steps in our goals setup!

As a result of the usability audit, we have increased qualitative website indicators (time spent per visit, interaction with social networks, etc.)

In general, the audit allowed us to assess our “state of affairs” in a speedy and complex manner both in AdWords and in some of the usability parameters of the website and newsletter.

The benefits of the partnership:
1) I will put this even before (!) cost optimization – saving time on our own thorny path of trial and error. Instead of studying some issues, the consultation helped us look at them in a more concentrated, systemic, and prompt way, as well as correct them.
2) Budget optimization.

Big thanks personally from me for the quality education! And a big thanks from our company for increasing the budget efficiency.

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Elena Krasulenko
Digital marketing specialist at Redpoint

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