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Roman gave us a lot of reference material. My colleagues were inspired after that and they are reading web analytics resources.

A testimonial from Oksana Zhuravel, Marketing director at about the training on Google Analytics.

Hi everyone. My name is Oksana Zhuravel, and I’m the marketing director of the portal

We invited Roman Rybalchenko as a trainer to give the training on Google Analytics for my department. It was necessary because there were a lot of employees from offline, they were of different specialties, of different professional backgrounds. Our main goal was to structure their basic knowledge of Google Analytics, analytics in general, and even more.

In general, I think that the training was very useful for all the employees. For some of them, it was a revelation in terms of basic technical issues. Other marketing specialists found something new as well. Everybody managed to sort out their knowledge about some technical issues. We found out a lot of new stuff about tracking events, tracking page view, and understood the difference between them. Associated conversions in Yandex.Metrica were also really useful and interesting.

Roman’s workshops are fun, lively, and unusual. Of course, he constantly deviates from the topic, but it helps to keep people on their feet, keep them awake, attract their attention to certain things. And finally, Roman gave us a lot of reference material and links to other resources, interesting foreign blogs, which we can read and go deeper into web analytics and internet marketing. My colleagues were inspired after that and they are reading those resources and find out a lot of interesting and useful information.

So, thanks a lot, Roman. We are happy and wish him all the best in the future.

Oksana Zhuravel,
Marketing director at

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