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Thanks to Roman.ua we significantly decreased CAC and increased lead quality.

A testimonial from Roman Slavka, CMO at Poster about working with Roman.ua.

I’m CMO at Poster POS company. Since 2013, we have been helping businesses all over the world automate their day-to-day tasks.

About the company

Point of Sale and Inventory Management for cafes, restaurants, and stores
  • Founding year2013
  • NicheB2B
  • Number of clients16 000

We knew Roman the co-owner of the agency as a skilled marketer with broad experience in different niches, that’s why a couple of years ago when we decided to attract an agency for marketing audit we knew who it will be. As well when we started to work we met a lot of good experts in the agency, everyone with whom we worked had a great experience and a deeper understanding of the source with which they work.

That’s why when we needed consulting for a new Philippine market we decided to ask for help from Roman’s agency again.


Agency made the audit of all our digital marketing activities a few years ago. They analyzed our Google Ads and Meta campaigns. Made suggestions on how to improve work with our email marketing. That audit was really helpful, we strongly improved the quality of leads and decreased CAC, as well new setup helped us to better understand which sources, platforms, and formats work better for us.

This year we have started to sell our software in the new philippine market. We had a problem with lead generation. We need to attract new customers with an acceptable payback period in the short term to determine if that market is profitable for us, and we decided to ask the agency for help with this task, taking in account the result of our previous work


Roman.ua agency deeply analyzed all historical data for campaigns and actions that we did by ourselves. They found mistakes in our Meta and Google ads and prepared a list of actions that we should implement.

Also, we got a lot of ideas on tracking our paid ads and finding new ideas on how to optimize our email marketing campaigns. During the last audit, we also found new ideas for attracting customers with not typical methods: outreach, crowd marketing, working with the local community, etc.

For me, the most exciting thing was that we worked with co-owners of the agency and they found time to work on our task by themselves.

We worked with Roman and Olga directly, they are co-owners of the agency. And I really appreciated that, because both of them have great experience and strategic views in the digital marketing field.

We had two calls with them. During the first call we described all our problems and what result do we need in the end, during the second one we got a lot of useful information and a list of actions for implementation. This is a very good format, taking into account that we do not have much time to get a result.


After first consulting we decreased CAC and increased lead quality and as well found some new ideas on how to work with email marketing channels. After the last audit we also already decreased CAC, due to the right work with GEO targeting.

Now we are running a/b tests with new landing pages with the structure suggested by the agency and can see increasing in lead quality. Our sales manager also really liked the new, unconventional ideas for finding leads.


I think all the processes that Roman.ua integrated have been working well for our lead generation efforts.

Roman Slavka,
CMO at Poster

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