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We have obtained some truly unexpected results.

A testimonial from Liliia Gorelaia, Managing director at OS-Direct about web analytics courses.

My name is Liliia Gorelaia. I am the managing partner of the marketing group OS-direct. And I am the person who has recently taken a course in web-analytics from Roman Rybalchenko.

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Marketing Agency
  • Founding year2001
  • Number of employees100
  • Niche B2B

I have already implemented the knowledge I got at the course in some of my personal projects and some of my clients’ projects, having obtained some truly unexpected results.

Why did I take this course? Because I understand that the future of sales lies within the modern methods of digital promotion and web analytics. Since OS-Direct works with clients from the sphere of remote sales and e-commerce, we must understand how our clients do their business. The course lets us do that. This course lets us master such skills.

It is also good that the course is designed in such a way that you don’t have a chance of not getting to grips with quite complicated and specialized materials.

That is because of the homework. As well, a lot of the time is dedicated to discussing the home tasks and answering the questions which arose while you had been doing it. There are tests as well, and you want to pass with the flying colors, or at least pass it decently well. And, even though you don’t have enough time to revise the material or study it, you do it, you get to grips with it. This is really a good motive for getting deeper into this topic.

I know for sure that at every consequent course, there will be an employee from OS-Direct. These are account managers, strategic specialists, and creative specialists because they need to understand modern sales methods and our clients’ businesses better.

I don’t hesitate to recommend this course and urge you to join the next groups!
Thank you, Roman, for the knowledge you gave my team and me! Thanks a lot!

Liliia Gorelaia,
Managing director at OS-Direct. The creator of the project Voice Workshop, and MudroEda studio.

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