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Apart from us and our client nobody sees our advertising campaign. We don’t have an external viewpoint. We don’t have anyone to talk to. And here is the opportunity!

A testimonial from Anna Ventskovskaya, Head of NitraMarketing about web analytics training.

My name is Ventskovskaya Anna, and I’m the head of “NitraMarketing” company. We requested Roman Rybalchenko to give us the training together with our client.

About the company

Internet Technology Lab
  • Founding year2012
  • Number of employees20
  • NicheB2B


The training’s main task was to improve and increase the efficiency of our client’s advertising campaign, increase conversion rate, and discuss new strategies for developing our client’s internet advertising.

Apart from our client and us, client nobody sees our advertising campaign. We don’t have an external viewpoint. We don’t have anyone to talk to. If you communicate with your competitor, it is usually limited to simple “Hello” and “Goodbye”.

And here is the opportunity to look into a particular advertising campaign, to see what works and how it works and how to track efficiency.


I’d like to say that I was very glad to meet you, we had a fruitful communication. I have concluded that such workshops and such communication inspire you to keep on working, have new ideas and new thoughts, and update everything you have.

Again, with Roman’s help, we can look from the outside and discuss some drawbacks, which we had missed. We can also discuss new development paths, ways of increasing conversion rate, ways of increasing our customer’s average check, bringing the customer back to make a repeat purchase, and getting the most from the money invested in advertising.

There are plenty of ideas, incredible energy boost, and a lot of new methods, which we are planning to implement in the nearest future.

Respect! Thanks!

Anna Ventskovskaya,
Head of NitraMarketing

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