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I implemented 7 tips, and the turnover increased by 20%!

A testimonial from Andrei Plotnikov, The owner of Megas.com.ua about working with Roman.ua.

About the company

Furniture store
  • Founding year2000
  • Niche B2C, B2B
  • Geography Ukraine

I listened to workshops at Shoplist event and ordered a consulting session. Roman gave a lot of useful tips, which you can’t find in the books.

I implemented 7 tips, and the turnover increased by 20%!

I saved a lot of time because I learned what I hadn’t needed to do. I got a lot of useful links to get books and other resources. I keep on studying.

Do you want to order consulting?

We answer your questions with numbers and examples.

If you are planning on starting your business, order a consulting session, this will save you money, effort, and time.
If you have an existing project, order a consulting session, and improve your results.

Investments into Roman’s services are highly profitable.

Andrei Plotnikov
The owner of Megas.com.ua
+38 (057) 766-05-05

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Clutch TOP-1000 companies worldwide in 2022

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