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We already got conversion twice as much as we used to.

A testimonial from Anton Rozhkov, Co-owner of internet shop Manidea.ru about working with Roman.ua.

I had a simple goal to increase sales in the internet shop. I had been working at the shop for more than a year. I reached good results, I never had failure months, and we started getting a small income.

I have a simple rule to learn from people who know more than I do. I try to find a specialist who has worked in the sphere that interests me and who showed good results. Roman met my requirements: he had worked in digital marketing for quite a long time; he was constantly mastering new skills. He was the speaker at the seminars and conferences (he could communicate well and was able to explain any material in simple terms).

Do you want to get a consulting?

We answer your questions with numbers and examples.

During the consultation, many things remained unclear, but Roman explained everything in detail and showed me examples of what I needed to do. Roman answered all my questions as well as the questions of the co-owner and manager of the shop.

Roman tells you directly if he doesn’t know whether this or that thing can help you. In consultations, it is important to be honest.

After a 90-minute-consultation, we managed to find solutions for 20 problems. The majority of them have already been implemented. All the implemented recommendations do work.

Our road map is composed till the end of the year. This is something that needs to be done if you want to increase sales. We already have conversion twice as much as we used to. In our sphere, it is important to be quick in your development.

I recommend consulting Roman if you are experiencing problems with internet sales. The most important thing is not to forget a notepad and a pen (or better a recorder). You will have to make a lot of notes.

Anton Rozhkov,
Co-owner of internet shop Manidea.ru

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