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Roman is an expert in his business, he likes it and does his best.

A testimonial from Taras Malanchuk, Digital marketing specialist about working with Roman.ua.

I have known Roman for many years. I couldn’t accept his idea of proactive selfPR. I was often irritated by it. But later, I realized one simple fact, that in such know-how as web-analytics and so on, especially in Ukraine, you should use all possible civilized means to succeed.

Because the market is not saturated, there are not many experts, and every other person claims to be an analyst. Such ‘connoisseurs’ cast tons of bullshit information on their clients, and the latter take it for granted. Roman is a real expert in his business. He likes it and does his best. If he doesn’t promote himself aggressively enough, his place may be taken by some self-proclaimed experts, not being able to help the client but capable of discrediting the whole industry. We know of similar examples in related areas, e.g., SEO.

If Roman’s colleagues have some decent projects, Rybalchenko develops the market, educates people, forms a particular culture, and considers professional principles.

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Taras Malanchuk,
Digital marketing specialist

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