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Roman.ua is not an ordinary internet marketing agency

A testimonial from Mykola Mandra, Project Manager at LNZ web about working with Roman.ua.

I am the project manager of an online store selling plant protection products, seeds, and micro fertilizers. The online store LNZ web is part of an agro-industrial holding LNZ Group specializing in the trade of seed material and plant protection products, the cultivation of grain and technical crops, animal husbandry, and grain trading activities.

The company develops agricultural production, seed production, and distribution. Cultivates 83,000 hectares of land and has more than 3,000 employees per season.

About the company

An online store of the vertically integrated agricultural holding LNZ
  • Founding year2019
  • Niche B2B
  • GeographyUkraine
  • Number of employees per season3000

Right after creating the site, we worked with a marketing agency that had previously been involved in other company projects. After two months of working with them, none of the goals were achieved, and we decided to look for a replacement. We got good references for Roman.ua team from our partners.

We meet with Roman.ua and get an audit of the previous agency activities. Furthermore, we evaluated the professional approach, experience, and capabilities of Roman.ua and chose them based on the meeting results for further cooperation.


We decided to create an online store to occupy a market niche previously unavailable to offline distribution managers — small farms of 10-500 hectares.

We created a website and needed specialists to manage e-commerce internet marketing to achieve maximum results of online sales, gather a base of potential buyers, and inform potential buyers about the opportunity to purchase our products online.

Roman.ua was entrusted with complete control over our internet marketing; they could do whatever they thought necessary to achieve our goals. Initially, we provided information on seasonal product demand, marketing profiles of the main customers, and priorities for key brands. At first, advertising campaigns were launched through Google ads: shopping, search, and banner ads; Google Analytics was set up.

The next stage was the launch of advertising through Facebook and Instagram; roman.ua helped to set up and launch Facebook shopping and campaigns to promote publications in our social networks. Later, e-mail marketing was also set up; with the help of SendPulse, advertising, and informational messages were sent to customers by e-mail and Viber.

A year later, we launched our YouTube channel, roman.ua helped to develop the production and distribution process of video content, advised on scenarios, worked with the editing team, and gave recommendations on the frequency of releases. Also, upon request, we received suggestions for improving and filling the site; and they offered us an SEO agency.


We worked with Roman.ua for two fruitful years, and a year ago, we took a break due to the desire to try to manage advertising on our own. Presently, we are asking for their consulting. At the end of the third year, the project fully paid for itself, including website development costs.

Compared to the situation before the start of cooperation with Roman.ua, the average monthly turnover increased by more than 50 times, the average order value by 6 times, the number of orders per month by 21 times, and the number of requests by 37 times. And the indicators are maintained despite the difficult economic circumstances for the agricultural sector of Ukraine.


Roman.ua is not an ordinary internet marketing agency; they are professionals in their field with extensive experience. I was most impressed by their approach; they were always in contact with us and knew how to adapt to the needs of unstable market conditions. They had a competent opinion on any issue and provided excellent recommendations.

We were constantly in touch, so separate chats were created in Telegram to solve urgent issues. Personal meetings were held at least once a month to discuss the results and further plans, which later switched to the format of online calls. I constantly saw the work of roman.ua through the reports in the Worksection, and monthly reports on the completed tasks were also provided.


Everything that we wanted to improve or change during our cooperation was resolved.

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Mykola Mandra,
Project Manager at LNZ Group

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