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Thanks to we have increased revenue by 25% with the same spending.

A testimonial from Igor Pluzhenko, CEO & Co-Founder at Kormax Trade about working with

I am the CEO & Co-Founder at Kormax Trade. We are Pet Food & Goods Distributor. Our company has its own online shop Now we broaden our product range in such a way that you can purchase all the goods your pet needs in a single place.

About the company

Distributor and importer of pet food and products
  • Founding year2015
  • Niche B2B, B2C
  • Number of clients20 000+


We needed a team to help us with email marketing and Google Ads advertising. We wanted to solve the following tasks:

  • Check and set up email deliverability
  • Create and implement a system of triggered emails and automations
  • Establish a process for creating and sending regular newsletters
  • Audit current campaigns, and create a plan for restructuring Google Ads account
  • Increase the traffic and revenue from PPC advertising


We chose from among others, because of the high quality of their work and the alignment of their values. We were also impressed by their integrated approach to work. It was exactly what we were looking for, and we started working.

First of all, email marketing was set up: a new email design was prepared, a mailing schedule was drawn up and automatic trigger chains for the emails were set up.

After the agency took over Google advertising, an audit of current advertising was carried out, priorities were set and product and brand segments were highlighted according to these priorities. Search and shopping advertising campaigns were launched. Keyword monitoring takes place on an ongoing basis.

What I like the most is the openness to new ideas, while keeping a structured and systematic approach


The team managed to double the number of transactions from email. They implemented pop-up forms to grow the subscribers base, implemented triggered emails, and established a regular newsletter

After restructuring and optimizing Google Ads campaigns, we got rid of many unprofitable campaigns, which led to increasing revenue by 25% with the same spending.

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Igor Pluzhenko,
CEO & Co-Founder Kormax Trade

and Awards

Google Analytics Individual Qualified since 2009

Meta Business Partner. Only ~16 in Ukraine

eSputnik Partner since 2019

MailChimp Experts since 2010

UpWork Top Rated

#261 in the TOP-1000 companies worldwide, 2023 by Clutch

TOP Advertising Company in Ukraine, 2023 by Techbehemoths


We have worked with 263 Clients and helped them enhance online marketing and earn more.


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