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They’ve always delivered more than you expected

A testimonial from Volodymyr Lashchevskyi, the CTO of the network of medical centers Harmony of Health company, about working with

My name is Volodymyr Lashchevskyi. I’m the CTO of the network of medical centers Harmony of Health which provides public health services.

It has its own clinical laboratory, performs surgical interventions, and conducts outpatient and inpatient appointments.

About the company

The network of medical centers
  • Year of foundation2009
  • NicheHealthcare
  • Number of employees200+

We hired to develop a digital marketing strategy to help increase our lead volume and sales. The decisive factor when choosing an agency was a good reputation, successful cases, reviews, and recommendations of other companies.


We had a task to increase the number of leads and sales in our network using digital marketing channels. It was a challenge because there are a lot of regulations in our niche from Google and other ad networks. team helped us to find a strategic solution to get traffic, leads, and conversions for years with adherence to the rules of advertising systems.

A non-disclosure agreement has been signed. After that, an audit of the site and the ads advertising accounts was conducted, and possible indicators of return on investment were approximately calculated. The next stage was the distribution of roles and responsible persons in the contractor and customer teams. After determining the test period of six months, cooperation was started.


Almost all routine processes are automated, from invoicing to campaign moderation. Good mix of automatization and custom-tailored manual approach. Fantastic analytics, and impeccable reports. Flexibility to wishes.

Also we were always in touch with a project manager, a PPC specialist, an analyst, and occasionally the agency owner, who controls the quality of services, which is impressive.


The team always does more than you expect!

During the first six months of cooperation, the growth was about 600%!!!. In the future, there was more work for the cost of one converted client. Due to constant optimizations and work with end-to-end analytics, we have a constant growth of all indicators that are important to us.

According to the results, we, as a customer company, were satisfied with the results. After that, they moved on to the second package of recommendations and began developing and implementing the “end-to-end analytics” system. As a result, we have good numbers and know each advertising company’s ROI indicators. We can monitor the dynamics and analyze and plan future budgets.

Today, we are satisfied with everything, and we are very glad that we had the opportunity to give feedback to such a wonderful team.

Volodymyr Lashchevskyi,
the CTO at Harmony of Healt

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