February 17, 2012 3 minutes to read

Trade show attendance rate increased by 10 to 60%.

A testimonial from Oksana Onoprienko, Marketing specialist at Euroindex company about consulting sessions on trade show projects.

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Roman conducted consulting sessions on two trade show projects, such as REX (advertising and marketing trade show) and MaRGo store (trade technology and equipment).

There was a necessity to have consulting sessions as our advertising budgets were reallocated in favor of internet promotion. We needed to evaluate the efficiency of the resources involved and improve result tracking methods.

As a result of the consulting, we received some specific recommendations on optimizing our advertising budgets, tracking the results, and some tips on enhancing certain instruments.

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Some of the recommendations have already been taken into consideration, and the results can be seen in PPC advertising. For example, the efficiency of search words increased; in some cases, the figure rises to 10.

More specific results became visible and were assessed when the advertising campaign had been over. Trade show attendance rate increased by 10 to 60%.

In any case, consulting sessions were useful and constructive for us. To some extent, we confirmed that our “intuitive” decisions had been right, and we paid attention to the recourses which had remained unexploited or partially used. The professional look “from outside” helps to see the general project picture better and coordinate the efforts to achieve the set goals.

Oksana Onoprienko,
Marketing specialist at the Euroindex company


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