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Web analytics is one of the best investments in times of crisis.

A testimonial from Erokhova Elena, Digital marketing specialist at about web analytics courses.

In 2014 I took two courses on analytics with Roman Rybalchenko. Even for those who had been working in this field for a long time, both courses were useful. And in both cases, you get from the course much more than you expect.

The course Reloading is a must-have for anyone, working with a commercial web-site.

The Deep immersion course is a rare opportunity in our market to improve qualification in web-analytics for those who have been working as a developer, optimizer, PPC specialist, SMM, or marketing specialist.

When I was looking for a course for myself, I had known Roman as a qualified practicing specialist, and I had studied the course program thoroughly (there is a mind map for every course). All my expectations were more than met.

Checking up the tasks and answering questions

I want to point out that there are control questions to check how you understand the theory, and there is a practical task which you need to do at your own web-site.

Thanks a lot to Roman for detailed comments for the checked tasks and detailed answers to the questions. Not every teacher pays so much attention to his students.

This is, in my opinion, the most valuable thing while taking a course.

What do you have at your disposal after the course?

If you need to get back to any aspects of the course, you will have access to the videos and your written tasks with Roman’s comments in Google Documents. Every course goes with a detailed printed syllabus.

And of course, a certificate.

The Reloading course

This course contains not only basic practical skills on identifying the counters at the web site, their installation and setup, setup of goals, UTM tagging, e-commerce, but also some essential generalizations.

In particular, there is very interesting information about Google Ads account. There is information helping to understand the algorithms used by a counter to identify channels, which lead users to the web site and how the counters work in general.

The material on the business model, on the connection of analytics with general business economics, is really important.

Deep immersion course

In this course, I was pleasantly surprised by the fact that apart from the in-depth study of Google Analytics setup, we looked into A/B testing, and also additional instruments to work with Google Analytics’ data were given.

I would recommend looking at the mind map if you want to understand the syllabus of the course and keep in mind that the course contains much more.

E-mail marketing and SMM

Both courses focused not only on advertising and search but also on tracking email marketing and working in social media, which was very useful.

What do you need to get the most from the course?

For the Reloading course, you will need a website, and it’s advisable to have a running PPC advertising campaign on the website.

For the course Deep immersion, you will also need a website and a minimum of two different internet advertising campaigns, for example, PPC and teaser, or PPC and display network.

In both cases, you will need all the rights to install and setup Google Analytics and Yandex.Metriсa.

You will perform all practical tasks and get the first results on this real project.

Why do we need to master web analytics now?

All the spheres of digital marketing are developing rapidly. SEO is becoming more complicated, prices and competition in PPC advertising are increasing; the role of simultaneous usage of various ways of promotion is rising.

Web analytics allows you to see in which sphere of digital marketing the money is spent in vain.

In my opinion, analytics is the best investment in times of crisis.

Erokhova Elena,
Digital marketing specialist at

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