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The answers we got to all our questions were not vague, but clear and detailed.

A testimonial from Vladimir Nechiporenko, CEO at Equipage Service about working with

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A friend of mine who works on developing several directions in one of the projects in my company recommended me to ask Roman for a consultation in web-analytics.

Experiencing particular difficulties, possibly due to the lack of experience, I couldn’t have conducted a thorough analysis of my projects and taken into account all the aspects, which would have helped me optimize the advertising costs. And in this regard, I really needed a consultation with a specialist, who pointed out all the necessary nuances while thoroughly analyzing my projects.

Prior to the consultation, I had given Roman a list of questions that required exact answers, and in some cases, I wanted to hear a detailed action plan, considering all the nuances of my company’s work.


Despite the fact that some of the questions were general, Roman was able to provide precise instructions. Having considered the sphere of my company’s work, he pointed out some significant problems at the company’s websites, which distracted users from buying goods.

He indicated clear steps necessary to improve web site usability, track users’ behavior, increase the efficiency of some website pages, and increase conversion rate.

All in all, it will take a long time to describe everything that Roman offered during the consultation and which questions he touched upon.

Most importantly, we got the answers to all our questions, which were not vague but clear and detailed.

I also liked that even after the consultation was over, it still lasted while we implement all Roman’s recommendations.

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Vladimir Nechiporenko,
CEO at Equipage Service

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