September 14, 2016 2 minutes to read

What I liked about the course was the feedback for every lesson.

A testimonial from Sergey Danilchenko, Private entrepreneur at Domkoles about promo course.

Actually, I attended only the free promotion course. But it motivated me to look into this issue even further.

What I liked about the course was the feedback for every lesson. I have an online store selling tires, and the course took place off season. However, I got some reaction from potential clients. As well, I sent a newsletter using a partner’s database (co-branding) and got quite the response. Namely, I got a few orders from some corporate clients.

My relatives own a dental office and we started collecting email addresses at their website. We have also sent a few newsletters and run some promotional campaigns. The target audience was small and the interaction wasn’t very successful. But the situation changed when we offered an absolutely free service just before St. Nicholas Day.

Thanks to that promotion campaign, we managed to convert 30% of our free customers into regular customers. Moreover, we could get a lot of positive reviews on Google Maps, which increased the level of trust from the audience on the internet.

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Sergey Danilchenko, 
Private entrepreneur at Domkoles


Google Analytics Individual Qualified
since 2009

Meta Business Partner.
Only ~16 in Ukraine

  • Certificates: Bing Ads Accredited Professional 2015
  • HubSpot Email Marketing Certified 2020
  • HubSpot Inbound Certified Professional 2009
  • Outbound Sales Mastery 2021
  • Certified Google Ads Consultant 2011


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