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How Roman’s tips help increase user retention.

A testimonial from Viktor Arabynskiy, Product manager at Boosta, about working with Roman.ua.

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Roman has scrutinized our business and determined which automatic email chains should be implemented in order to increase funnel conversion rate and user retention. He participated in setting up several email triggers, which brought us substantial commercial results.

Open rate of the emails, which were implemented with Roman’s help, is about 30-40%, click rate is about 2-3%, unsubscribe rate is less than 0.3%.

Here is an example of a successful case of email trigger setup. The chain consists of 5 emails, in which we ask user’s opinion about our service, give them recommendations on how to use our service and offer a discount for the following order. Having implemented the chain, we achieved an increase in customer returns by 18.4%.

We recommend Roman as a highly qualified specialist in email marketing. He understands what business needs, can assess its efficiency and be extremely useful.

Do you want to set up email automation?

We know how to set up email marketing.

Viktor Arabynskiy,
Product manager at Boosta

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