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Attractions and trampoline rental service Batut.com.ua about working with Roman.ua.

The main thing I get from working with Roman.ua is peace of mind.

Andrey Kobylinsky

Hello. My name is Andrey Kobylinsky and I rent out attractions for parties.

About the company

Interactive amusement store
  • Founding year2006
  • Work fieldB2C
  • GeographyUkraine


I didn’t have any ads on Google Ads, and I didn’t know how to approach it. For this, in fact, I came to the agency. And so Roman taught me to take the first steps. We created the first advertising campaign together with a teamwork approach.

At various stages of our cooperation I needed few different services. The first was Google Ads. And the second was about my sites’ interfaces, which needed to be tweaked to make them user-friendly. For these tasks, I have always sought advice.


The outcome is that I’m calm, because I know that everything is fine there. Sometimes I enter keywords into the search engine and see that we are in top 3 or 2 websites usually, both for SEO and context. It means that everything is fine.

Do you want to set up PPC advertising?

We know how to organize a predictable leads flow.

Unfortunately, I can’t say how much profit I received from advertising in Google Ads, because I still don’t think it’s necessary to set up analytics.

But the main thing that I get is peace. Because I know that if I pay money, then someone does something for that money. Unfortunately, this is not so common in the market of the Digital advertising services.

For example, when I paid money to an agency for doing SEO, in the end I found out they did nothing. They just took my money and did nothing. I thought that was an exception, applied to other agencies, and then realized that it was the norm to take the money and do nothing. Nothing at all. Only when I taught myself on the topic, I figured all of them did nothing. In case of Roman.company, I’m at least sure that my money is not wasted.

Of course, over the past 6 years of our cooperation the price has somehow steadily increased. On the other hand, I also raised prices for my services. For now, it’s somewhere on the edge, but it’s not high enough to abandon this collaboration. It is a lot, but you understand what you’re paying for.

Andrey Kobylinsky,
Owner of the attractions rental service Batut.com.ua

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Why did we choose Roman.ua?
Because they are geeks.