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They are very flexible, and you can always find a middle ground with them

A testimonial from Ivan Lobov, CIO and Director at about working with

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My name is Ivan Lobov. I’m the Chief Information Officer and Manager at the online store RedHead Family Corporation is a leader in the children’s merchandise market and the largest family company in Ukraine. The company’s business includes the country’s largest chain of children’s shops (Antoshka) and the national distribution of children’s goods.

Our company did not yet have enough qualified in-house specialists in e-marketing and online sales analytics. We attempted to start work with several agencies, but they were unsuccessful. was recommended to us by our Magento CMS contractor. The decisive factors were the professionalism, speed of response, and excellent understanding of our needs by the agency (besides,, at that time, was one of the first certified Google partners in Ukraine). Subsequently, we were repeatedly convinced of the correctness of our choice.


The goal of our cooperation was to build reports and analytics at the start of an e-commerce project so that we could view and analyze traffic, conversions, and other KPIs through all possible channels, evaluate the effectiveness of investments, ROMI, and also correctly distribute our marketing activities. Also, we did a MailChimp integration, email templates, and other e-commerce activities together.


All tasks for the MailChimp project were performed in the best possible way. This allowed us to systematize and streamline the interaction with approximately 25,000 online retail customers through the E-mail channel. It also helped us to attract approximately 60,000 customers from our off-line retail during the year. The aggregated report was created, configured, and integrated with CRM, GA, and OWOX BI.

It was done in order to evaluate the effectiveness and optimally distribute the advertising budget by approx. 10 traffic sources based on the assessment of the main indicators for each traffic source: conversion, order value, order efficiency, average check, ROMI, etc.

EO optimization was carried out as well:

  • the work of sitemap.xml and robots.txt files was carefully checked;
  • web-site was scanned using Xenu and Netpeak Spider;
  • analysis of search queries was done along with about the promotion of goods to the top of the organic search.

All tasks were completed on time and in the most efficient way. The communication was prompt and effective.


Roman was a responsible and efficient partner, always respecting commitments, possessing profound knowledge and understanding of e-commerce. His expertise in e-commerce is profound, and most importantly, he knows how to put it into practice and does it effectively.

Roman and his team are not afraid of taking risks, they are very flexible, and you can always find a middle ground with them, even if your points of view have grown apart for any reason.

And finally, as the icing on the cake – Roman knows how to study and likes teaching others, and he does so not exclusively because of money. He always finds the time for personal communication and will pay you as much attention as you need. I think that he spent much more of his time consulting me and explaining certain things to me than was meant within the paid training for our company.

Thank you,! I hope that our cooperation will last for many years.

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Ivan Lobov,
CIO and Director at at RedHead Family Corporation/Europroduct

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