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Roman’s expertise in Email marketing and Google Analytics is really deep and he knows how to put it into practice.

A testimonial from Ivan Lobov, CIO and Director at about working with

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We cooperated with Roman for a long time, he was a responsible and efficient partner, always respecting the commitments, possessing profound knowledge and understanding e-commerce.

His expertise in e-commerce is profound, and most importantly, he knows how to put it into practice and does it effectively.

Roman is not afraid of taking risks, he is very flexible, and you can always find a middle ground with him, even if your points of view have grown apart for any reason.

And finally, as the icing on the cake – Roman knows how to study and likes teaching others, and he does so not exclusively because of money. He always finds the time for personal communication and will pay you as much attention as you need. I think that he spent much more of his time consulting me and explaining certain things to me than was meant within the paid training for our company.

Thank you, Roman! I hope that our cooperation will last for many years.

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Ivan Lobov,
CIO and Director at at RedHead Family Corporation/Europroduct


Google Analytics Individual Qualified
since 2009

Meta Business Partner.
Only ~16 in Ukraine

  • Certificates: Bing Ads Accredited Professional 2015
  • HubSpot Email Marketing Certified 2020
  • HubSpot Inbound Certified Professional 2009
  • Outbound Sales Mastery 2021
  • Certified Google Ads Consultant 2011


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