June 8, 2018 2 minutes to read

Roman.ua helped us make our Google Ads account more effective.

A testimonial from Denis Davydov, Head of digital marketing at 21vek.by about working with Roman.ua.

About the company

  • Founding year2004
  • Work fieldB2C
  • GeographyBelarus

We have a strong in-house expertise in Google Ads, however, we are always striving to improve, to increase our efficiency as well as to bring profit to the company. Sometimes you need an outside perspective to find weaknesses in performance.

That’s why we addressed Roman.ua to have a clear professional look at our account and recommend how to make it more effective.

An audit took more time than we had expected initially, but we got a tangible result. Not only did Roman’s recommendations pay off soon, but, eventually, they also generated profit for our company. Besides, as a bonus, we received several recommendations, not directly connected to the context.

Denis Davydov
Head of digital marketing at 21vek.by

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