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IT-product companies53SaaS, marketplace, software, etc.

Virtual dataroom provider iDeals

👍 35%

Budget saving on PPC without reduction in conversions

💰 100+

thousands of $ monthly budget for PPC


  • prepared a marketing audit and found growth points
  • took over PPC advertising management: Google, Bing, Facebook, LinkedIn
  • optimized CPA and number of conversions on a large budget
  • conducted training in analytics for the marketing team

Online SEO tool Semrush


  • Advising the Client on web analytics.
  • Assistance provided with implementing Enhanced Ecommerce in Google Analytics.
  • Offering solutions to the sampling problem in Google Analytics, which happens if the amount of visitors is high.

Consumer electronics brand Lenovo


  • Working with Ukrainian office.
  • Performing analytics customization and set-up, including an ecommerce module.
  • Dashboards created for user activity analysis in different breakdowns: content marketing, ecommerce.
  • Conversion rate optimized.
  • Providing analytical support of 8+ national promotional campaigns.
  • Providing regional analytical support of promo activities.
  • Controlling the Client’s advertising agencies.
  • Advertising in Google Ads (Search and Shopping) and social media (dynamic product retargeting) for shop.lenovo.by.

Online agricultural shop LNZweb

📉 -80%

Customer Acquisition Cost reduced in six months

📊 2.5х

Advertising spending in overall turnover decreased 2.5 times
in six months


  • We work as a full cycle marketing team. We have 6+ specialists involved in the project on a regular basis.
  • Digital marketing for an online store launched from scratch.
  • Setting up and running campaigns in Google Ads: search, remarketing, Shopping, Gmail, and GDN; we conduct tests with landing pages and segmentation of Shopping campaigns.
  • Configuring Google Analytics Enhanced Ecommerce, transferring of the true revenue through Measurement Protocol.
  • Email-marketing: setting up a mailing system and monitoring of delivery, conducting regular mailings.
  • Facebook advertising and posts: running dynamic retargeting campaigns, preparing regular posts, working on replenishing the base of relevant audience.
  • SEO and work on the website: landing pages audit conducted, working together on internal optimization of the site along with the SEO team.
  • Regular support of digital and real-life marketing activities, advising the Client on growth opportunities through internet marketing.

Mac software developers MacPaw


  • An audit of mail deliverability conducted for MacPaw and Setapp.
  • The Client's email marketing audited: email base enrichment, email design and layout, content and frequency of emails as well as management of the process.

Online apartment booking service Dobovo.com


  • Outsourcing the marketing team with the marketing director.
  • Supervising third-party contractors of the client.
  • 3 directions of PPC advertising restarted.
  • 260 triggered emails implemented in Mandrill by API.
  • Carrying out regular mailings and prepared email automation for the segments of tenants and apartment owners.
  • Google Analytics with Enhanced Ecommerce module and Measurement Protocol technology set up.
  • Management reporting using Microsoft Power BI set up.

Manufacturer of memory products Kingston


  • Advising on improving the efficiency of remarketing.
  • Advising on Google Ads, Google Analytiсs, banner ads, and mechanics to boost promotions.
  • Advertising in search and social media for promotional activities.

Software development for photographers SKYLUM

🌱 1.4x

giveaway virality coefficient


  • Conducted marketing audit: website, advertising, products, competitors. Identified growth points.
  • Made a portrait of the ideal buyer. Highlighted targetings, which increased revenue from advertising.
  • Improved personalization of emails and site.
  • Set up a giveaway mechanic with a 1.4 virality coefficient.
  • Calculated unit economics for apps selling.
  • Set up a real ROI calculation. Real ROI accounted for advertising costs and revenue minus commissions and returns.

Online store of underwear and swimwear Intimo

🤝 12

years of cooperation

😊 97%

satisfied buyers в Intimo


  • Full marketing support provided by a team of 4+ people.
  • Enhanced Ecommerce and Measurement Protocol in Google Analytics implemented.
  • End-to-end analytics constructed to calculate profits for each source and ROI.
  • Launched all PPC advertising in 2 languages, 7 countries and 49+ product groups.
  • MailChimp and Mandrill synchronization implemented via API.
  • Used Sumo.com popups to gather new subscribers.
  • A series of 15+ welcome emails launched.
  • Managing the Client's third-party contractors responsible for advertising and SEO.

Point of Sale and Inventory Management for cafes, restaurants, and stores Poster


  • PPC advertising settings, landing pages and email marketing analyzed.
  • Recommendations on optimization, testing and increasing marketing effectiveness.
  • Recommendations on the product and new users onboarding.

Security system manufacturer AJAX Systems


  • Email automation developed for new users onboarding.
  • Advertising audit: AdWords and Facebook.
  • Growth points for e-commerce direction identified and prescribed.
  • Remarketing scenarios created.
  • Competitor analysis conducted.
  • Hypotheses for A/B testing on the site prepared and tests launched.

Cashback service smarty.sale

💰 -40%

Reduction in the cost of PPC registration

📈 x2

Increase in the number of registrations


  • E-commerce module in Google Analytics configured via Measurement Protocol.
  • PPC ads on Google and Facebook restarted.
  • Testing new semantics and targetings looking for new registrations and purchases.

Airfare search service TRIPMYDREAM


Creative agency FEDORIV


  • Conducted a marketing audit of a European luxury brand and helped with the formation of a digital strategy
  • Conducted a marketing audit and consulted on the portrait of an ideal client for another brand

The Real Estate Classified Houza

📊 4x

Increase in the leads in 5 months


  • Semantic core prepared.
  • Google Analytics settings checked and updated, and a dashboard in Google Data Studio set up.
  • Google Ads settings checked, advertising campaigns launched and optimized.
  • The desired indicators for DAU (number of unique users per day) and MAU (number of unique users per month) reached for 2 months of work.
  • Increasing traffic from month to month while maintaining CPC.

New & used cars web portal Autoportal.com

🚀 6.5x

Increase in the number of visits from email

0 → 3%

Increased email share in achieving goals on the site


  • 3 audience segments identified, depending on fillable forms.
  • A funnel of 4 emails for the segments created.
  • A Mandrill mailing system integrated via API.
  • Responsive email templates prepared with 15 dynamic variables in every template on average.

Online store of home appliances and electronics Sokol.ua

💎 +42%

to repeat sales


  • Customer base analyzed and cohorts built.
  • Analyzing re-sales and determining after how many days from the first order it is worth offering discount coupons and special offers to those who did not place a second order.
  • Automated and triggered emails created to remind users about the store and persuade them to buy.

Manufacturer of devices for gamers HyperX

👥 490

mln. impressions in social media


  • Analytics for all promo in the CIS.
  • Advertising directly in search and social media. Launched 40+ promotional campaigns in CIS.
  • Conversion of promo landings improved.
  • Targeting to collect the target audience tested.

Product IT Company Boosta

🚀 40%

Increase in the email open rate

🚀 18%

Increase in customers returns


  • Email deliverability audit conducted based on Amazon SES and monitoring set up.
  • 30+ triggered emails for users at different stages of the funnel prepared.
  • Automated email workflows created: first- and second-purchase automation.

Online store of appliances, electronics and household goods in Belarus 21vek.by


  • Prepared an audit of a large AdWords account for the biggest online hypermarket in Belarus

Online store of amber jewelry Ambershop.com.ua

📉 -37%

cost per click

🛍 -67%

cost reduction by one customer


  • Audited Google AdWords settings and found improvement points

№1 Ukrainian telecom operator Kyivstar


  • 8 lessons (16 hours in total) of basic and advanced web analytics courses for the marketing team.

Online store of tires Rezina.CC

Products for tourists Redpoint

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