Vlad Nozdrachev
Vlad Nozdrachev
Brand leader Fedoriv

The reason why we’ve chosen Roman.ua is that they are nerds in a good way.

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Yulia Hansvyarova
Yulia Hansvyarova
Head of Digital Marketing Team SemRush

In difficult situations I always turn to Roman Rybalchenko.

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Olga Andreeva
Olga Andreeva
Field Marketing Manager, Ukraine & CIS Kingston

Memory products manufacturer Kingston about working with Roman.ua.

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Andrey Burenok
Andrey Burenok
Founder and CEO TripMyDream

Airfare search service №1 in Ukraine TripMyDream about working with Roman.ua.

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Dmitriy Malakhov
Dmitriy Malakhov
Co-founder Dobovo

Online apartment booking service Dobovo.com about working with Roman.ua.

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Andrew Semenyuk
Chief Business Development Officer Creative Media

What I liked the most is the attitude to performing tasks and being ready to dig deeper in any situation.

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Alnikova Svetlana
Independent internet marketing specialist

We shouldn’t be afraid of experimenting and trying out new advertising strategies.

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Mariia Kudinova
Internet marketing specialist Prom.ua

I have finally realized not only how to use Analytics, but also how to apply this knowledge in practice.

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Denis Stepura
Project Manager Amplua Personal

During his work he always tries to measure all possible applications and find benefits.

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Mariia Popko
Head of marketing direction for customers Prom.ua

I attended the beginner level course from OWOX and I have something to compare it to.

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Artem Golovatyi
Head of section in the PPC advertising department Prom.ua

My understanding of working with Analytics was turned upside down.

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Evgenii Sokolnikov
The founder and the head of the internet store  Sokol.ua

We increased the repeat purchase rate between the 1st and the 2nd order by 42%.

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Oksana Zhuravel
Marketing director Prom.ua

Roman told us about many interesting things, which one could find out only having dug through tons of forums and literature.

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Yevhenii Pyltiai
Product Manager

Attention to details and being result-oriented is a competitive advantage of Roman.ua.

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Vozniuk Aleksei
Head of the PPC advertising department Prom.ua

As a result of the meeting I managed to obtain new useful information and get the evaluation of my work.

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Yulia Yatsenko

My attitude was slightly skeptical…but then Roman started speaking and my opinion changed.

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Svetlana Barcho
Digital marketing Nitramarketing

All 9 (!) hours passed in the blink of an eye.

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Anton Rozhkov
Co-owner of internet shop Manidea.ru

We already got conversion twice as much as we used to.

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Sholomitskii Artem
Marketing specialist LLC MirKli

I have changed my perspective on many things. I’m certain that it will have a practical impact.

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Alexander Storozhuk
Founder and director B2Blogger

Just in 5 minutes, Roman managed to “mend a hole” in the partner program, which constituted 6000$ a year.

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Oksana Gorbach
Director of business development Liquid7

In the last 4 years there were only so many interesting and useful training. I already know how to sell it to the client.

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Anna Ventskovskaya
Head NitraMarketing

Apart from us and our client nobody sees our advertising campaign. We don’t have an external viewpoint. We don’t have anyone to talk to. And here is the opportunity!

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Vadym Rymar
Digital marketer Digital Stream

Web analytics course — main points, no waffling.

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Erokhova Elena
Digital marketing specialist Erokhova.com

Web analytics is one of the best investments in times of crisis.

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Andrei Piasetskii
Network manager Prom.ua

Now I know where Google “makes a fool” out of me and why I shouldn’t trust all the data in analytics.

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Krasnova Olga
PPC advertising manager Prom.ua

Roman told us about many interesting things, which one could find out only having dug through tons of forums and literature.

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Taras Malanchuk
Digital marketing specialist

Roman is an expert in his business, he likes it and does his best.

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Roman Yakobchuk
The owner Sher-Khan

I have already been able to implement most of the knowledge.

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Dmitrii Semenovskii
Head of the group in the PPC advertising department Prom.ua

Roman has helped with some great ideas on how to launch advertising campaigns.

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Sergei Sirenko
Digital marketing specialist Dominion

After the workshop, the world of PPC advertising got much larger for me.

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Nadezhda Sadovaya
Project Manager Amplua Broker

Roman is a highly motivated e-marketer, open to new technologies and self development.

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Kirill Shcherbinin
Web-analyst NitraMarketing

I have found out how to determine untargeted of junk traffic in lay terms.

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Google Analytics Individual Qualified
since 2009

Meta Business Partner.
Only ~16 in Ukraine

  • Certificates: Bing Ads Accredited Professional 2015
  • HubSpot Email Marketing Certified 2020
  • HubSpot Inbound Certified Professional 2009
  • Reply.io Outbound Sales Mastery 2021
  • Certified Google Ads Consultant 2011


We have worked with 252 Clients and helped them enhance online marketing and earn more.


Why did we choose Roman.ua?
Because they are geeks.