Іnternet marketing April 29, 2020

How to get ahead in narrow B2B niches when SEO is not enough

At the conference on promotion on international markets NaZapad 13, Roman Rybalchenko shared the agency's experience with projects in the B2B segments. There is often little traffic in B2B, but there are people who are willing to buy. SEO does not always work here or does not work at all, and one transaction can bring, for example, $30,000.

Case studies March 26, 2019

Case Study. How to build a trigger mailing system with Mandrill

The client approached us with the task of transferring triggered emails from a self-written own system to an external triggered mailing service. We have revised, supplemented and transferred 308 letters to Mandrill and the work is still going on. We’ve achieved 98.6% deliverability and not a single downgrade or hit by Mandrill filters over the whole period with over 200,000 submissions per month.

Case studies December 5, 2018

Case Study. How to build an email database using active popups

There is an opinion that popup windows for collecting emails annoy site visitors. However, if you use pop-up forms wisely, fine-tuning them, and not spamming them, but offering to subscribe to a useful newsletter or give valuable free content, they turn out to be a powerful tool for collecting emails.

Видео November 29, 2018

Do you need a media plan in PPC?

This article was based by podcast. In it, we will discuss the feasibility of creating media plans. We will explore whether it's possible to create an honest media plan, predict the cost per click and traffic volume, and whether it's worth setting false expectations for clients. We will also explain why at, we don't use media plans and what alternative approaches can be taken.

Іnternet marketing November 6, 2015

Case study. How we increased sales 5 times and screwed up

In February 2014, the Client approached us to triple the profit of the store in one-year time. The e-commerce market in Belarus was unfamiliar to us. Although Belarus is similar to Ukraine and russia, market development and the principles of doing Internet business are different there. If you don’t want to repeat our mistakes and screw up, read the case and draw your own conclusions.

Іnternet marketing November 4, 2015 (India): email marketing automation for a portal with 6.5 million visits per month.

Our Ukrainian compatriots launched in India. This is a big project with 6,550,000 visits per month. When they faced the task of setting up automated email distribution, they turned to us. The project was not easy, only from the side of the agency, it took 92 net work hours. Keep reading to learn how to set up email marketing for projects of such size.

Іnternet marketing March 26, 2014

The secrets of customer centricity at

This article was based on a speech at the conference “Business of Online Stores” in 2013. Roman Rybalchenko talked about 7 secrets of customer focus at Intimo online lingerie and swimwear store.