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How Roman.ua helps the Armed Forces of Ukraine

Since the start of the full-scale invasion, Roman.ua has been actively engaged in volunteer activities. The agency’s founder Roman Rybalchenko has been buying quadcopters, vehicles, and clothing for the military. The company also holds charity raffles for the needs of the Defence Intelligence of Ukraine and joins the collections of trusted funds.

 Last update 06.09.2023 

For a year and a half of the full-scale war, we, as Roman.ua, have been donating to the army and we have not slowed down. As of August 2023, we have donated more than $55,000 to the Armed Forces of Ukraine and raised more than $11,000 in charity lotteries. We are grateful to our Clients and the entire Roman.ua team, thanks to whom we have the opportunity to donate and support the Armed Forces of Ukraine!

Read the full report below.

P.S. Of course, that doesn’t take into account each team’s assistance (donations to popular charitable foundations, humanitarian aid, TRO service, volunteering) and taxes (direct and indirect).

Who are we helping?


For the most part, it’s the first circle — those we know well. These are our defenders from Defense Intelligence, Special Operations Forces, Territorial Defence Forces, National Guard and Medical Forces, a scout of the Ukrainian Navy, Engineer forces of Ukraine.

We know these people well, so we don’t ask for photos or formal requests and appreciations from the units — they send some photos when they have time.

Foundations, volunteers and schools

Also, as a company, we donated to the: 


We received gratitude from our soldiers for our active volunteer work. In words and artifacts: we received a case from NLAW and Javelin, which we raffled off in charity lotteries.

Letter of gratitude from Ukraine’s Main Directorate of Intelligence and Kyrylo Budanov, Ukraine intel chief
A letter of gratitude from the military unit A1333
We have placed fired shells casings the military gave us for our donations in the office.

April 2023 — August 2023 Report

  • 2 tablets + cases + glass + memory cards for Kropyva for the National Guard
  • Olight Odin Mini Black tactical flashlight with Picatinny rail mount
  • 1 x Starlink + Starlink Ethernet Adapter for the NGO Reactive Post, which helps artillerymen 
  • 2 x Starlink + 2 x Starlink Ethernet Adapter for the Offensive Guard (Bureviy) 
  • 5 x DJI Mini 2 Fly More Combo and 2 secret devices handed over to the Dronarium UAV Operators School for training.
  • 2 laptops for sappers from the Center for Special Engineering Works
  • A long-range shooting tripod  
  • A plate carrier for the TRO
  • Light summer T-shirts for the artillerymen 
  • 3 hAp lite mikrotik for the TRO 
  • 48 pairs of Mechanix gloves for the artillery and those who repair artillery — sent through the Reactive Post foundation
Arta thanking us for the Mechanix gloves

December 2022 — March 2023 Report

  • 2 х Starlink and 1 х Ethernet adapter for our soldiers
  • 2 x DJI mini 2 for the SDF
  • $1,000 for battery assemblies for the Armed Forces of Ukraine
  • $500 for an integrated air defense communication system  for the Center Air Force Command 
  • $500 for 5 airborne missile launchers
  • ~ €800 for radios, antennas and batteries for the TRO shooters in the Zaporizhzhia sector
  • 22 units of thermal underwear for our defenders
The troops in the Zaporizhzhia sector grateful for Motorola R7a radios, antennas and batteries

August 2022 — November 2022 Report

  • 4 DJI Mini 2 drones
  • Amplified antennas for Mavic-type drones
  • Steel hornets for Mavic-type drones
  • Thermal underwear
UNIQLO technology underwear: very thin and warm.
  • Radio to headphone adapters with active noise modulation, battery chargers, and rechargeable batteries
  • Long-range shooting tripods
Light and sturdy tripods, so the Special Operation Forces can conduct accurate long-range shootings, about 400-600 m, without sticking out too much.
  • Night vision devices on vehicles
NVD for cars, which allows you to drive without headlights at night at a speed of 50 km/h.
  • Starlink

Also we joined the collection:

  • automation and modernization air defense systems
  • Hospitallers Medical Battalion activities
  • DJI Matrice 30T fee

2 Draws of Javelin cases for donations

Іn the fall, we held two prize draws to win Javelin and NLAW cases on social media and raised more than $7,500 for our reconnaissance in the Donetsk region!

The money from our Javelin and NLAW cases draws for Defense Intelligence went for:

  • Vehicles (winter tires for 5 cars, a boat)
  • Radios and repeaters, and other things
Radios and repeaters that already work as intended and help the Defense Intelligence.

May 2022 — August 2022 Report

  • 2 lightweight DJI drones for the guys at the zero line
  • 10+ adapters to connect walkie-talkies and noise-canceling headphones
  • We joined the collection a the car
  • Donated to a drone fundraiser
  • And took part in a few more non-public cases

January 2022 — May 2022 Report

  • $2,000 to the account of ARMY SOS.
  • $2,000 for the Autel evo II dual 640t rugged bundle drone, organized by our friends at The Gate Agency and collected by Elen Johnson.
  • $2,000 for an engine for a reconnaissance vehicle. The car is a “beauty”, painted in camouflage, with the ability to disable the “stops” and other military features, so buying a new one was not an option. We are grateful to Vladyslav Zhuravel and CarFinder for their help in finding the engine. We thank Roman Uzhva and Alexandr Alexandrov for their help with the remote purchase and logistics. Unfortunately, we can only show you a photo of the engine to avoid giving away too many details.
Engine for a Defense Intelligence vehicle

The economic front

Paying taxes 

We haven’t switched to reduced interest and tax holidays. And we keep paying the 5% EPT and the unified social contribution every month.
Furthermore, we received UAH 6,500 of support from the state and sent it to the Armed Forces to speed up the transition from one budget to another.

We support all our staff

We pay salaries to the entire team: those who have joined the TRO, interns, office managers, and part-timers. In the first months, we paid less than we did before the war, but each month since then, we have been raising the percentage to the “maximum” while the turnover has been recovering. Іn June, we reached the “pre-war” salary.

By doing our best at the economic front line, we will win together!

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